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What is FMPP?

FMPP is a general-purpose text file preprocessor tool that uses FreeMarker templates. It is particularly designed for HTML preprocessor, to generate complete (static) homepages: directory structure that contains HTML-s, image files, etc. But of course it can be used to generate source code or whatever text files. FMPP is extendable with Java classes to pull data from any data sources (database, etc.) and embed the data into the generated files.

FMPP can be used with UN*X-style command-line interface, or as Ant task, or you can embed it into your Java application.

FMPP is 100% Java, thus it runs on all modern platforms (Windows, "Linux", Mac OS X, Solaris, ...etc.).

FMPP is Free software. See the license here...

Some products that were created for similar purpose to FMPP: Template Toolkit (Perl), PPWizard (Rexx), VPP (Java, Velocity)


This is a quick list of FMPP capabilities:


This on-line documentation is for FMPP version 0.9.14 + FreeMarker 2.3.15. The full documentation of the version you are using can be found in the docs directory of the installed FMPP.


The latest released version is FMPP 0.9.14 (comes with FreeMarker 2.3.15, but you can replace it with a later version).

Download fmpp_0.9.14.tar.gz (3.0 M) (GNU tar!) or (4.4 M)
Downloads include "binaries", all documentation, and source code.

Installation instructions are here, in the Manual.

FMPP is a Java application, so it requires Java installed on your machine (J2SE version 1.2 or later). Sun's free implementation can be downloaded here: Download J2SE JRE there (the J2SE JDK is good as well, just that's bigger).

If you need XML support, you should use J2SE 1.4 or later. If you use earlier Java, then install some JAXP 1.2+/SAX 2.0+/DOM Level 2 implementation with name-space support, for example: Xerces (recommended) or Crimson. (Note that Ant comes with Xerces, so when you use the FMPP Ant task, the XML related classes will be available.)

XPath expressions will work only if Jaxen (recommended) or Apache Xalan classes are available (Xalan is included with Sun J2SE 1.4, but maybe not in the later versions).

The FMPP Ant task (ignore if you don't know what's Ant) requires Ant 1.5.1 or later.

For text editor and IDE plug-ins, and for other FreeMarker template related tools, please visit the FreeMarker homepage: (mirror:

Project State

Unlike most open source projects, I will be honest about it: I (Dániel Dékány) have stopped the active development of the FMPP project with FMPP 0.9.7. I still fix bugs and do other maintenance work (check it here if I really do), so the project is not abandoned. It's just that I don't plan to develop new features or do serious reworking. However, contributions of proper quality are welcome and will be integrated.

I believe that the project will serve the FreeMarker community well even if it remains in its current state forever. After all, it's already a feature rich and stable tool (that is, compared to the alternatives I have seen...).


bug Please report bugs you find! Any programming, documentation content or grammatical mistakes, even minor typos. Thank you!
Use the bug reporting Web page,
or e-mail: (delete the "REMOVETHIS"!)
Please report FreeMarker bugs at the FreeMarker bug reporting Web page, not for me. If you are not sure if you have found a FreeMarker or an FMPP bug, just report it as FMPP bug.
Also, note the Known Problems page.

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